Suzuki GSXS750 Customized with Racevinyl stickers.

Suzuki GSXS750 Customized with Racevinyl stickers..

The Suzuki GSXS750 has a 749cc, 4-in-line engine and was manufactured by Suzuki in 2015. It inherits the engine from the 2005 GSXR750 sports version. This engine, derived from the sport version, was re-engineered to be more usable in the mid-range, where it offers the best performance in terms of acceleration and torque. This aspect is one of the main advantages of this model over its R version.

The GSXS750 is a naked heir to the GSXR750 with many customization options.


Its predecessor was the widely sold European GSR750, which was sold since 2001.

Among the most striking differences of the GSXS is the exhaust, which has been modified to comply with the Euro 4 standard, a new swingarm, an updated intake, ventilation holes under each cylinder or a slightly shorter gear ratio, to increase acceleration.

Accesroies to Customize the GSXS750

Like the GSXR, this model can be customized with many of our kits. The rim profile films are an excellent and very economical way to give our bike a personal touch.

Stickers and adhesives for rims of Suzuki GSXS by Racevinyl

The vinyl or circular bands are available with the brand or model logos or alone. They can also be chosen in a wide range of colours, including reflective, fluorescent and metallic.

Suzuki GSXS750 with red stickers for outer rims

The reflective colours are an excellent option, which will also make our bike safer as it is very visible especially at night.

Reflectant vinyl rims for Suzuki GSXS750

At the top of the stickers for tuning the Suzuki GSXS750 are the PRO Kits.

Suzuki GSXS750 customized with Racevinl kitsThese kits include the stickers for the profile of the rims and those of the interior, combining the brand, model and the original emblems.

It is undoubtedly the most racing and radical option and provides a very sporty cut to this naked.

Suzuki GSXS750 with de Racevinyl rims Kit PRO

You can see all these accessories and options on our website, you can customize them with countless options.

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