Kits and options to customize the Yamaha Fazer by Racevinyl.

Kits and options to customize the Yamaha Fazer by Racevinyl..

The Yamaha MT07 is born to replace the FZ series, previously available as FZ6 and FZ1, The MT07 starts its journey with a 689cc engine in the year 2014.

Yamaha MT 07 vinyls for motorcycle rims by Racevinyl

The MT07 aims to be a versatile bike, a naked all-rounder, comfortable, manageable, light but with drive, its price puts it as the leader in sales in its sector and opens the way for the most powerful models, the MT09 and the MT10, both with a similar aesthetic, modern, angular and aggressive, unlike the existing MT01 which is more like a Cafe Racer.

MT01 from Yamaha with rim stripes

The new Yamaha MT series has a much more modern and aggressive look.

The MT10 and MT09 in their latest versions are really futuristic with a very aggressive cut, much more modern than the previous versions.

Yamaha MT01 Black with outer rim stripes

All MT series is perfect to customize, very easy to include personal details. The easiest way to do is installing vinyl adhesives, you can select between the most simple to elaborated and complicated kits.

Detail of rear rim of Yamaha MT01 with rim sticker vinyls

In Racevinyl we offer you a wide catalogue for the MT07 and for the rest of the series, where we have all kind of vinyl for the rims.

Yamaha MT09 white stickers on the blue rims

Among our materials and colors we have reflective, fluorescent and metallic vinyl and we can make any kind of combination to match the design of your bike.

Yamaha MT09 Tracer with stickers for outer rims

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