10 años de Garantia de Racevinyl

Warranty Conditions

Warranty 100%

Duration of the guarantee

All our items include a 10-year warranty from the date of sale.

What does the warranty cover?

We divide the guarantee into 3 phases, the delivery phase that starts from the moment of purchase and ends at the moment the customer receives the article and this is to his liking. The installation phase, which can be carried out by the customer or any external professional, and the use phase which lasts for the rest of the 10 years during which our kits are installed.

Phase 1, Delivery warranty.

The aim is that customers get the article they want, any delay outside the stipulated delivery times, any loss, deterioration or disagreement with the article received are covered by the guarantee, regardless of whether the failure is the courier company's or the customer's who had provided the wrong data, as well as any error in the content or characteristics of the article, for example, a failure because the colour is not exactly what a customer needs or an error when asking for a measure that is not correct.

Phase 2, Installation warranty

Any deterioration or failure during the installation process is covered by the warranty, no matter if it is a large or small failure, if it was due to a cause beyond our control or to a personal error of the installer, our warranty covers 100% of the problems occurred during the installation process.

Phase 3, Warranty of use.

During the rest of the 10 year warranty period, we will take care of any deterioration, discoloration, peeling off of the adhesives or any other factor that may deteriorate them, from wear and tear with washing to rubbing against a curb, in 100% of the cases the warranty covers it.

How does the Warranty apply?

To request the application of the guarantee it is enough to contact us, in all cases we will offer an article or the necessary part of replacement without any type of cost.

What about shipping or returns?

As part of our policy, it is not necessary for a customer to send us any item or part of it for the warranty to apply, once the problem has been identified we will send whatever is necessary free of charge.

As I request the application of the guarantee.

In case of any problem you should contact us, sometimes to determine the best way to solve a problem we might need you to send us a picture or explain the problem in detail, once this is clear, the warranty applies directly.

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