Mods for Triumph Speed Triple, vinyls and sticker decal kits

Mods for Triumph Speed Triple, vinyls and sticker decal kits.

Triumph is an English brand, re-founded in 84 after a serious crisis. In its new stage, a large part of the design team was preserved and they studied the production processes of the moment to undertake the appropriate strategy for the new resurgence of the brand.

In 1994 the triumph Speedtriple made its entry, including two engines, 750cc and 900cc. The Speedtriple is a Naked with a touch that recalls the old caferacer and with a clearly sporty style.

In 1997 a new model appeared, the T509, which since then includes bifaro optics and included a 900 engine, specifically 885cc.

At that time the aesthetics of the Speedtriple were already that of a sports naked.

Currently 2 models are marketed, the S and the RS, both with 1050cc engines. Motorcycles with a unique aesthetic that undoubtedly lends itself to customization.

Among the accessories available for the model, the vinyl kits stand out for their ease of installation.

Vinilos para Triumph Speedtriple bandas genericas de Racevinyl rojas

At Racevinyl we have a wide catalog of stickers and vinyls to customize the Triumph Speedtriple.

On the one hand, we can customize it with the stripes for the rims, being able to combine 6 different strip designs for the contour and with the logos of the brand or model.

Mods para la Triumph Speed Triple, kits de pegatinas y vinilos adhesivos

We can also add details such as model logos to the inside of the rims or even create a custom kit for the entire bike.

Vinilos para el interior de las llantas de la Triumph Speedtriple

In the most radical option we can install one of our pro kit for the rims. These kits are made up of stickers and vinyls for the profile and the inside of the rims.

Enter to our online shop to personalize your vinyl stickers kit.

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