How to customize the KTM RC8 with Racevinyl vinyls

How to customize the KTM RC8 with Racevinyl vinyls.

The KTM RC8 is perhaps one of the most exclusive motorcycles, it has a 1195cc engine. Its power leaves no doubt about the marked sporty character with which it was developed by the Austrian brand KTM.

KTM RC8 con las cintas para las llantas en vinilo con los logotipos

The KTM Brand is characterized by showing a very defined personal aesthetic, its colors and the angularity of its fairings are signs of its identity

The vinyls in fluorine colors provide a very racing aesthetic to these motorcycles. Racevinyl combines the most colorful designs to make the KTM even more radical.

Ejemplo del color naranja fluor kit adhesivos interior KTM Racing

The KTM RC8 is a model that does not go unnoticed, exciting, with a unique spirit, it mounts a KTM orange tubular chassis and a huge swing arm. Its equipment is not far behind, next generation brakes, wheels and suspensions.

It may not be the most powerful, but its V-twin engine tightens from very low revs, from 4,000 revs its strength can already be felt, cornering performance is simply impressive.

Its saddle height is a bit high and helps provide a very particular riding feel. The wide “blank” spaces allow us a multitude of options to customize, being able to easily customize it by adding Sponsors and brands and giving it a tough circuit look.

The KTM RC8 is an ideal “blank” canvas to personalize with our vinyls

The PRO Kit is also an excellent resource for tuning the KTM, a loaded design and with very colorful colors in the purest MotoGP style.

KTM RC8 Kit PRO ejemplos para personalizar la moto

You can see many examples for both the KTM RC8 and the rest of the brand’s models on our website. We have kits for fairings, stickers for the rims, protective carbon vinyls, stickers with brands and Sponsors and all kinds of various stickers to customize our model.

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