A easy way to upgrade your Kymco Superdink only with vinyls

A easy way to upgrade your Kymco Superdink only with vinyls

The Kymco Superdink has long remained in the top positions in terms of sales in Spain. It is a Maxi-Scooter that currently has two engines, 125cc and 350cc. The Kymco Super dink has one of the most powerful engines in its class and its efficient engine is adapted to the Euro 4 standard.

Kymco Superdink con los adhesivos y vinilos para llantas de Racevinyl

This is an elegant and sophisticated Scooter, full of options to customize.

Front axle with 37mm diameter bars, 14-inch wheels and ABS brakes with 3-piston calipers that make this a very safe vehicle.

On the rear end it mounts 13-inch wheels and an alloy swingarm with 240mm ventilated discs, providing stability both in acceleration and braking.

In the aesthetic section, elegance prevails, but with modern lines that allow customization from the most elegant to the most racing side.

Gama de colores Kymco Superdink para los kits de pegatinas y vinilos racevinyl

Its wide catalog of colors allows a lot of customization, being able to combine our adhesive kits that are in a catalog of more than 25 different colors.

Personalizar Maxi scooter Kymco Superdink vinilos racevinyl

Among the colors and materials we can choose from are Reflectants, fluorescent and metallic colors.

Racevinyl has been for many years a reference in terms of vinyl accessory kits to customize these motorcycles, having even appeared as a recommended brand to customize these Scooters by Soloscooter magazine

Reportaje Revista Nosolomoto a Racevinyl, accesorios para Kymco

The Kymco Superdink is a model quite forgotten by designers and preparers as it has a limited catalog of extensions and accessories outside the brand, but at Racevinyl we give it an important place with a wide catalog of options.

Kymco superdink con los adhesivos en vinilo para llantas Reflectants

The PRO Kit can bring a more radical look to the Kymco Superdink

Kymco Superdink Orange con el Kit PRO de adhesivos para llantas en viniloYou can enter to our catalog Kymco Superdink, Kymco Grandink, Agility, etc.

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