The best options to customize the Kawasaki Z1000

The best options to customize the Kawasaki Z1000

The Kawasaki Z series refers to a series of Naked models, although we all remember the Z750, but it really starts with the Z900 and currently has the Z125, Z300, Z400, Z650, Z800, Z900, Z1000 and the ZH2 as the top of the line. range with 200hp, a series that is almost 50 years old since its first model.


The Kawasaki Z1000 is a naked bike with an aggressive image, which lends itself to incredible customizations.

Of all the accessories available to customize the Z1000, vinyl decals are the primary accessory.

In Racevinyl we have wheel stickers available with more than 6 different designs of circular strips in more than 25 colors.


Raceviny rim vinyls have a 10-year warranty.

As a more radical option, we have Kit PRO stickers, the most racing customization for the rims.

Kawasaki Z1000 tuneada con los vinilos kit PRO de racevinylPro Kits are available for the main brands and their models, combining the logos of both. They include the stickers for the contour of the rims and the logos and emblems of the interior.

Z1000 con las pegatinas de Racevinyl Kit Pro rojas

Its aggressive appearance allows a large number of options to customize to suit each individual..

These kits can be customized with any combination of colors, for black, white, gold rims or any color.

Z1000 Kit Pro adhesivos y pegatinas para llantas de RacevinylIn addition to the stickers and vinyls for the rims, we also have stickers with the logos separately, stickers with the sponsors and brands and tank protectors.

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