Rim and Wheel Stripes Decal Sticker Kit for Aprilia RSV4


The rim stickers stripes Is a stickers kit and includes the wheel stripes with the brand or model logos Aprilia RSV4 .

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Rim sticker stripes vinyl with logos Aprilia RSV4

The vinyl rim stripes Is a stickers kit with the wheel stripes and the brand or model logos, You can select between many different stripes designs and more than 25 different colors, If you need a different colors or logos combination, please write us or leave a note with your order.

Rim stripes kit includes:

All kits includes the stickers for both wheels and both sides.

  • 16 wheel stripes, except the arrow design, that includes 8 stripes.
  • 8 logos blancos y Reds de (RSV4). If you select the black color, this logos will come in black too.

Colors, textures y materials.

If you need another color choice or other sizes, only need to give us a note when you fill the order. You can enter to our colors and materials section to see all examples and details.

Catálogo de colores serie 651

All our kits have 10 years warranty.

10 anos garantia

The vinyls have a high resistance to elongation about 70% and a high temperature tolerance, supporting constant temperatures of more than 125ºC, this guarantees its durability even in the most extreme situations, our stickers can even be installed on exhaust tails.

Installing instructions for rim stickers stripes kits

Enter to Video tutorial section or rim stripes installing guide, there you have all steps and tips to obtain a professional results.
Tutorial e instalacion de los vinilos para el perfil 4 bandas

How to customize the Aprilia Tuono with custom stickers

The Aprilia Tuono the direct descendant of the Aprilia RSV4. She is the fastest Naked, the seven-time winner of the SBK World Championship. It is a versatile motorcycle that we can use for day to day, but also a beast of enormous power. Mods for the Aprilia Tuono, stickers and vinyls tuning ideas. What better…

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Adhesivos del perfil de llantas de moto pegatinas con el logo Aprilia RSV4 speed

Rim and Wheel Stripes Decal Sticker Kit for Aprilia RSV4


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