How to customize the Aprilia Tuono with custom stickers

The Aprilia Tuono the direct descendant of the Aprilia RSV4. She is the fastest Naked, the seven-time winner of the SBK World Championship. It is a versatile motorcycle that we can use for day to day, but also a beast of enormous power.

Aprilia Tuono Blanca y roja con Los adhesivos para el perfil de Racevinyl

Mods for the Aprilia Tuono, stickers and vinyls tuning ideas.

What better way to showcase a unique bike than with some bikes that really make it unique and personal. In this post we are going to show photos and ideas for modifications to improve and personalize the Aprilia Tuono, personalized stickers to give it character and make a unique and exclusive motorcycle.

Accessories and details to tune the Aprilia Tuono.

Sponsors, sponsors, logos of the brand, the model, emblems, any detail even the most discreet helps to make a personal motorcycle, recognizable and that adapts to our style.

Aprilia Tuono Silver roja con los adhesivos para el interior de llantas

How to customize the Aprilia Tuono rims.

Here are some ideas to customize the rims of the Aprilia Tuono and make it look spectacular.

Aprilia Tuono Amarilla con los vinilos para el perfil de llantas

One of the most effective ways to add a personal touch to a motorcycle is by adding vinyl to the rims. It might seem like a very common detail and lacking in exclusivity, but the range of customizations is so wide that really with this little detail we can achieve a totally unique look.

Aprilia Tuono escapes de carbono con las bandas adhesivas para las llantas

The vinyls for the rims of Racevinyl combine 6 different designs of circular bands and can include the logos of the brand, those of the model or combine both. We can even combine different colors for each wheel, which is a detail that is increasingly found even on standard motorcycles.

One of the simplest and most effective ideas for tuning this bike is to install a kit of stickers for the profile of the rims.

On the article page you can customize the kit by choosing between 6 designs of the circular bands and one of the more than 25 different colors, which also include the Reflectants, fluorescent and metallic.

Customize the Aprilia Tuono in a more racing way

Aprilia Tuono preparacion circuito pegatinas Kit PRO racevinyl

Given its markedly sporty character and its heritage from the racing world, it is only fair to customize this magnificent bike in a more radical way, including more overloaded sponsors and stickers in pure racing style.

Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory R pegatinas Kit PRO racevinyl

At Racevinyl we have designed a very complete adhesive kit. It includes the stickers for the profile of the rims with the logos of the model and the brand of the motorcycle, but also includes a series of stickers and vinyls for the interior of the rims.

Inside, the logos of the Aprilia brand are also combined with those of each model. The customization options are huge.

Aprilia Tuono V4 amarilla tuneada con las pegatinas Kit PRO racevinyl

From the web, customers can choose between many customization options, but in addition to these, you can always request any adaptation or inclusion of other elements that elevate customization to another level.

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