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Samples of vinyl colors and materials

Samples of vinyl colors and materials.

We work with 4 different materials.

  • Normal, glossy or matte finish.
  • Reflectants.
  • Fluorescents.
  • Metallics.

Normal vinyls in glossy finish.

These are the classic colors, on the web we have a range of 10 colors that go from white to black through all conventional colors. These colors meet with a glossy finish.

Racevinyl Color catalog of series 651 Oracal

We also have a much broader color catalog, with many other shades, you can request them by adding a note to the order or by writing to us to request them. You can also order them with both a glossy finish and a matte finish.

Vinyls in reflectant colors.

Reflective colors are available in 6 different colors. Reflective colors have a slight metallic hue and are slightly darker than their normal counterparts.

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue and Black.

The white color has a pearly tone, at first glance it may seem grayish, but like all reflective ones, it varies a lot depending on the environment in which it is located, if it is very bright it will become bright and alive and if the environment is dark it will appear more muted.

White reflectant vinyl example picture

The main characteristic of these colors is to “light up” when they receive direct light. This makes them exceptionally striking and highly visible especially at night.

Kawasaki ER6N rim stickers kit example in reflectant Kawasaki ER6N rim stickers kit for inner and outer in reflectant

Vinyls in fluorescent colores.

Fluor colors are exceptionally vivid colors, but they cannot have any shade, they have a very complex property that makes these materials absorb light and make it amplified, the effect we perceive is that of a color so intense that it seems that if we put it in in a dark room it would shine, although this does not actually happen.

Fluorescent or fluor yellow. It is a very garish shade of yellow with a somewhat greenish hue.

Honda CBR 600 RR hannspree yellow fluor rear wheel


Fluor orange. This color is similar in tone to the classic orange but much more saturate.

Orange fluor example in stickers vinyl kit interior for KTM Racing

Fluor red. This red is another particular color, it has a very intense pinkish-orange tone that is not found in any other material.

Example picture of red fluor

Green fluor. This color is widely used in the world of motorcycles and in advertising in general, it is a tone almost identical to Kawasaki’s green but with enormous intensity. It is also very similar to the green in Monster energy drinks.

Green fluor example picture

Vinyls in metallic colors.

The metallic colors have a glossy-satin finish and we have the 3 most important shades:

Silver satin, Gold satin and Cooper satin.

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