Wrapping in carbon fiber some Golf MK1 car parts.

I guess that like me, many of you will have been looking forward to some time to renew the look of the car interior, vinyl is a handy resource for it, some of us for our work with a vinyl adhesive with fiber texture carbon Oracal brand, this vinyl is ideal for this work because it is very flexible, and straightens very well with warmth and texture is much more realistic than most. The work is simple, it comes to applying the texture of carbon fiber parts we want, in this case going to be a piece of a Golf.

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To begin we will need a few things, a good fairy or Kh7 grease type, a sharp cutter, I always use a new sheet for each job, it is important that the cutter cut just touch him and Electrical generators, this herramiente can be found in any hardware store, I bought mine at Leroy Merlin for 15 €, basically like a hair dryer but with much higher temperature and it ejected less air.

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The first step is to clean the components, it is necessary that it is not the shortest remaining dirt, mainly because if there is any goop is going to be raised under the vinyl and secondly because if there is fat in the piece vinyl stick with less force, so grease, water and rubbing. Before you start gluing the adhesive need to dry the piece with the Electrical generators own it will dry very fast and avoid leaving lint cloth.

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Now it is necessary to cut the vinyl piece has always left over about 3 or 4 inches on each side to manipulate it, we stick it carefully so that no air bubbles. Once you’ve pasted, I apply heat with Electrical generators, spinning in circles to not impinge much on the same point, with this we make the vinyl to retract a little and it clicks a bit to the edges of the piece. To adapt the vinyl on the edges is necessary stretch, just give it some heat alone and for a moment the vinyl will become much more flexible, that’s when it stretched to fit the part, it’s like when you put a bottom sheet of these Elastic, during stretch and warm we have to avoid touching the area with your fingers adhesive paste that we want, so let 3 or 4 cm more, but every time we put a finger in the glue will subtract the grip half.

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Vinyl is flexible, but there are areas to be cut, here is the handle of an ashtray, much as we stretch and it’s warm up will be impossible for the adhesive covers the entire piece, it’s best to cut and so stretch less.

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Once you have adapted the vinyl on the central area of ​​the part we continue with the edges, which after stretch and adapt to the piece we are going to cut, I prefer not to “roll up” the vinyl within the pieces, but cut flush with the edge.

image image image image

The remaining pieces are treated alike, the vinyl is cut around the piece leaving a cm more, sticking on the surface preventing bubbles remain under the vinyl and the vinyl is stretched to fit the edges and shapes giving heat.

image image image image image image

The emblem specifically is going to have more work cutting, as I said before, I prefer flush cutting vinyl, in this case with the W brand, for this I insist that the cutter should be more than sharp. Completed work is acceptable at any distance, the result seen in detail is impeccable.

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