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Shipping: FREE Economy Standard Mail until 100 gr

Shipping to: Worldwide

Delivery: Estimated time to dispatch is about 3 – 5 working days.

Simil Black Carbon Fiber 8,90€
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Size :

Tank pad CITY logo marca Aprilia Tank pad CITY logo marca BMW Tank pad CITY logo marca Ducati Tank pad CITY logo marca Honda Tank pad CITY logo marca Kawasaki Tank pad CITY logo marca KTM Tank pad CITY logo marca Kymco Tank pad CITY logo marca Suzuki Tank pad CITY logo marca Yamaha
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TankPad Cover Stickers STREET Design (All kit includes vinyl transfer)

Kit Content.
Carbon Fiber Racevinyl

The stickers come in a template, The stripes come with aplicator transfer.

The Adhesives are made in Polyclorur Vinyl.

Technical Specs

Weight 70micron

Temperature Ressistance -40º y +80º C

Elong Resistance 130% y 150%

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Payments, Shipping and Insurance.

How can I pay?.


Money Transfer

All payments are made through Paypal platform, can make the payments through your credit or debit card without being registered anywhere, also can pay directly without entering the card details if already a registered user on Paypal.

Paypal offers insurance to all transactions within 45 days you can start a claim if you have not received the package, the package is damaged or the item does not match the listing description, in all these cases, Paypal blocks money from the transaction and after making appropriate checks resolves to return money, it goes without saying that apart from that every one of the issues that may arise before they resolve that we only contact and we count the problem.

About Shipments

By default and if Customer does not request otherwise orders are made through regular parcel post as free, but we are open to use the system that our customers want, for those other shipping options borne by the customer. The average delivery via Post is 7 working days, can sometimes take 5 or 15, these terms depend exclusively of the carrier in some situations a package can take up to 25 working days.

I f you select the Royal Mail Airsure you have a tracking number to follow the package location and reduce a bit the time to recive it. The average delivery via Post is 5 working days, can sometimes take 4 or 15, these terms depend exclusively of the carrier in some situations a package can take up to 15 working days.


Shipment methodDetailsCostsInsuranceEstimated deliveryMaximun delayed
Standard Nationa Deliverytracking number is not included

Total4 working days (from shipment)10 days (from shipment)
Economy Int’l Postage (Europa)This method have not a Tracking Number Total7 working days (from shipment)15 days (from shipment)
Economy Int’l(Fuera Europa)This method have not a Tracking Number Total10 – 15 working days (from shipment)25 days (from shipment)

In case that you dont receive your package?

Every time we send a packet we send you an email notification, after 25 working days for Economy Int’l Postage or 15 for Royal Mail Airsure from the date of dispatch if you dont recive the package contact us customerhelp@racevinyl.eu and after confirming that the address is correct we will send again.


In case that the package is damaged or incomplete?

For any defect, we will send another package replacing what is missing or damaged.

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Some Examples of Customers Bikes

Ask for any color

We have a lot of colors and textures, if you need a special one, please ask for a real paper catalog for free.

To any question, please write us to: customerhelp@racevinyl.eu