BMW Bikes Compatible with Racevinyl Kits

Compatible with Racevinyl Kits

This list is propierty of you can find full database in the original web. 

You can ckik in the model bike to see al details, in the information appears the rim sizes

 Racevinyl Logo BMW

Racevinyl pegatinas llanta moto vinilo sticker rim wheel BMW S1000rr blanco

C1 Concept1992
C1-E Concept2010
C Evolution2014
C Scooter Concept2011
C 600 Sport2012
C 600 Sport2013
C 600 Sport2014
C 650GT2012
C 650GT2013
C 650GT2014
Clever & Single Concept2010
Concept 62010
E-Scooter Concept2011
E-Scooter Concept2012
F 650 Funduro1994
F 650 Funduro1995
F 650 Funduro1996
F 650 Funduro1997
F 650 Funduro1998
F 650 Funduro1999
F 650ST Strada1997
F 650ST Strada1998
F 650ST Strada1999
F 650ST Strada2000
F 650CS Scarver2001
F 650CS Scarver2002
F 650CS Scarver2003
F 650CS Scarver2004
F 650GS2000
F 650GS2001
F 650GS2002
F 650GS2003
F 650GS2004
F 650GS2005
F 650GS2006
F 650GS2007
F 650GS Dakar2000
F 650GS Dakar2001
F 650GS Dakar2002
F 650GS Dakar2003
F 650GS Dakar2004
F 650GS Dakar2005
F 650GS Dakar2006
F 650GS Dakar2007
F 650RR Dakar1999
F 650GS (800cc)2008
F 650GS (800cc)2009
F 650GS (800cc)2010
F 650GS 30th Anniversary Special2010
F 650GS (800cc)2011
F 650GS (800cc)2012
F 650GS (800cc)2013
F 700GS2013
F 700GS2014
F 800GS2008
F 800GS2009
F 800GS2010
F 800GS 30th Anniversary Special2010
F 800GS2011
F 800GS2012
F 800GS Trophy2012
F 800GS Triple Black2012
F 800GS2013
F 800GS2014
F 800GS Adventure2013
F 800GS Adventure2014
F 800GT2013
F 800GT2014
F 800R2009
F 800R2010
F 800R Chris Pfeiffer Edition2009
F 800R2011
F 800R2012
F 800R Nero Zaffiro Metallizzato2012
F 800R2013
F 800R2014
F 800S2006
F 800S2007
F 800S2008
F 800S2009
F 800S2010
F 800ST2007
F 800ST2008
F 800ST2009
F 800ST2010
F 800ST2011
F 800 ST Touring2011
F 800ST2012
F 800ST2013
Futuro Concept1973
G 450X2008
G 450X2009
G 450X Factory Replica2009
G 450X2010
G 450X2011
G 450RR Dakar2011
G 650GS2009
G 650GS2010
G 650GS2011
G 650GS2012
G 650GS2013
G 650GS2014
G 650GS Sertao2012
G 650GS Sertao2013
G 650GS Sertao2014
G 650 X Challenge2007
G 650 X Challenge2008
G 650 X Country2007
G 650 X Country2008
G 650 X Country2009
G 650 X Moto2007
G 650 X Moto2008
G 650 X Moto2009
HP2 Enduro2005-06
HP2 Enduro2007-08
HP2 Enduro2009-10
HP2 Megamoto2006-08
HP2 Megamoto2009-10
HP2 Megamoto Pikes Peak Edition2009
HP2 Sport2008
HP2 Sport2009-10
HP2 Sport Motorsport Special Edition2010-11
K 751986-
K 75C1984
K 75RT1990
K 75RTA1994
K 75RTA Ultima1996
K 75S1985-86
K 75SA1994
K 75T1986
K 1001982-85
K 1001986-90
K 100LT1986
K 100LT1987-88
K 100RS1983-85
K 100RS1986-87
K 100RS ABS1988
K 100RS 16V1989-90
K 100RS 16V SE1991-82
K 100RT1983
K 1100LT1989
K 1100LT SE1993
K 1100LT Highline1996
K 1100RS1993-94
K 1100RS1995-96
K 1200GT 2003-05
K 1200GT2006
K 1200GT2007
K 1200GT2008
K 1200LT1999-02
K 1200LT2003-05
K 1200LT2006
K 1200LT2007
K 1200LT2008
K 1200R2005
K1200R Resident Evil 32007
K 1200R Power Cup2005
K 1200R2006-07
K 1200R2008
K 1200R2009-10
K 1200R Sport2007-08
K 1200RS1997-98
K 1200RS1999-00
K 1200RS2001-
K 1200S2005-06
K 1200S2007-08
K 1300GT2009
K 1300GT2010
K 1300GT Exclusive Edition2011
K 1300R2009
K 1300R2010
K 1300R2011
K 1300R Dynamic SE2011
K 1300R2012
K 1300R2013
K 1300S2009
K 1300S2010
K 1300S2011
K 1300S2012
K 1300S HP Special Edition2012
K 1300S2013
K 1300S 30th Anniversary Edition2013
K 1300S2014
K1600GTL Exclusive2014
K1600 Sport2014
Krauser MKM 10001980
Lo Rider Concept2009
Modulo Concept1972
R1 Prototype1989
R 21931-36
R 31936
R 41932-37
R 51936-37
R 61937
R 111929-34
R 121935-42
R 161929-34
R 171935-37
R 201937-38
R 231938-40
R 241948-
R 251950-51
R 25/21951-53
R 25/31953-56
R 261956-
R 271960-66
R 28 Military1964
R 321923-26
R 351937-40
R 371925-26
R 391925-27
R 421926-28
R 451978-81
R 451982-85
R 471927-28
R 501955-60
R 50S1960-62
R 50/21960-69
R 50/51969-73
R 50US1967-69
R 511938-40
R 51/21950-51
R 51/31951-55
R 521928-29
R 571928-30
R 601956-60
R 60/21960-69
R 60/2 with Sidecar1960-69
R 60/21966
R 60/51969-70
R 60/51971-73
R 60/61973-76
R 60/71976-81
R 60US1967-69
R 611938-41
R 621928-29
R 631928-29
R 651978-81
R 65LS1982
R 65GS1987
R 65 Mono1985-93
R 65RT Mono1985-88
R 661938-41
R 671951
R 67/21952-54
R 67/3 with Sidecar1955-56
R 681952-54
R 68 SDT Special1952-55
R 691955-56
R 691957-59
R 69S1960-62
R 69S1963-65
R 69S1966-69
R 69US1967-69
R 711938-41
R 75/51969-71
R 75/51972-73
R 75/61973-76
R 75/71976-79
R 80/71977-84
R 801980-83
R 801984-85
R 80GS Prototype1979
R 80GS1980
R 80GS1981
R 80GS1982
R 80GS1983
R 80GS P/D1984
R 80GS1984-86
R 80GS1987
R 80GS1988
R 80GS1989
R 80GS1990
R 80GS1991
R 80GS Basic1996
R 80GS Kalahari1996
R 80GS Dakar Replica GS80R-GS980R1980-85
R 80GS P/D Classic1997
R 80R1991-94
R 80RT1979-81
R 80RT1982-83
R 80RT Mono1984-85
R 80ST1982
R 80ST1983-84
R 80T1981
R 850C1997-00
R 850GS1996-01
R 850R1994-97
R 850R1998-02
R 850R2003
R 850RT1996-01
R 850RT2002
R 900RR Dakar2000
R 90/61973-76
R 90S1973-76
R Ninety Concept2013
R NineT2014
R 100/71976-78
R 1001980-83
R 100CS1977-80
R 100CS1981-82
R 100CS1983-84
R 100GS1987
R 100GS Bumble Bee1988
R 100GS1990-92
R 100GS1991
R 100GS P/D1988
R 100GS P/D1989
R 100GS P/D1993
R 100GS P/D Classic1997
R 100R1991-92
R 100R Mystic1993
R 100R Classic1995
R 100RS1976
R 100RS1977
R 100RS1978-79
R 100RS Turbo1978
R 100RS Motorsport S.E.1978
R 100RS1980-81
R 100RS1982-83
R 100RS1984-85
R 100RS1986-89
R 100RS1990-93
R 100RT1978-80
R 100RT1981-83
R 100RT1984-86
R 100RT1987-89
R 100RT1990-94
R 100RT Classic1995
R 100S1976-77
R 100S1978-79
R 100S Willi Michel Racer 
R 100T1978-80
R 1100GS1994-95
R 1100GS1996-98
R 1100GS 75th Anniversary1998
R 1100RR Rally1999
R 1100R1994-95
R 1100R1996-98
R 1100R 75th Anniversary1998
R 1100RS1993
R 1100RS1994-94
R 1100RS1996-98
R 1100RS 75th Anniversary1998
R 1100RT1995-96
R 1100RT1997
R 1100RT 75th Anniversary1998
R 1100S1999-00
R 1100S2001-02
R 1100S2003-05
R 1100S Boxer Cup Replica2002
R 1100S Boxer Cup Replica2004
R 1150GS1999
R 1150GS2000
R 1150GS2001
R 1150GS2002
R 1150GS2003
R 1150GS Adventure2002
R 1150GS Adventure2003
R 1150GS Adventure Bubble Bee2003
R 1150GS Adventure2004
R 1150GS Adventure2005
R 1150GS Adventure Special Edition2005
R 1150R2000
R 1150R2001-02
R 1150R2003-04
R 1150R2005-06
R 1150R Roadster Edition 802003-04
R 1150RS2000-01
R 1150RS2002-03
R 1150RT2001-02
R 1150RT2003-04
R 1200C1996-97
R 1200C1998-99
R 1200C2000-02
R 1200C2002-03
R 1200C Montauk2003-05
R 1200C Aventgarde2002-05
R 1200C Independent2002-05
R 1200CL2003-04
R 1200CL2005-06
R 1200GS2004
R 1200GS2005
R 1200GS2006
R 1200GS2007
R 1200GS2008
R 1200GS Alpine White Special Version2009
R 1200GS2010
R 1200GS 30th Anniversary Special2010
R 1200GS2011
R 1200GS Triple Black Special Edition2011
R 1200GS2012
R 1200GS Tom Luthi Limited Edition2012
R 1200GS Rallye2012
R 1200GS2013
R 1200GS2014
R 1200GS Adventure2006
R 1200GS Adventure2007
R 1200GS Adventure Heroes Legend Edition2007
R 1200GS Adventure2008
R 1200GS Adventure2009
R 1200GS Adventure Long Way Down Replicas2009
R 1200GS Adventure2010
R 1200GS Adventure 30th Anniversary Special2010
R 1200GS Adventure2011
R 1200GS Adventure Triple Black2011
R 1200GS Adventure2012
R 1200GS Adventure2013
R 1200GS Adventure 90th Anniversary Special2013
R 1200GS Adventure2014
R 1200R2007
R 1200R2008
R 1200R2009
R 1200R2010
R 1200R Touring Special2010
R 1200R2011
R 1200R Classic2011
R 1200R2012
R 1200R Classic2012
R 1200R2013
R 1200R 90th Anniversary2013
R 1200R2014
R 1200R ‘Dark White’ Special Edition2013
R 1200RT2005
R 1200RT2006
R 1200RT2007
R 1200RT Police2007
R 1200RT2008
R 1200RT2009
R 1200RT  “Touring Special”2009
R 1200RT Fire2009
R 1200RT2010
R 1200RT2011
R 1200RT2012
R 1200RT 90th Anniversary2013
R 1200RT2014
R 1200S2006
R 1200S2007
R 1200S2008
R 1200ST2005
R 1200ST2006
R 1200ST2007
R 1200ST Limited Edition2007
S 1000R2014
S 1000RR Prototype2008
S 1000RR2010
S 1000RR Motorsport2010
S 1000RR HP2010
S 1000RR Carbon Edition2010
S 1000RR Motorsport2010
S 1000RR2011
S 1000RR Superstock Limited Edition2011
S 1000RR2012
S 1000RR2013
S 1000RR2014
Racevinyl bmw s 1000 rr race stripes rim wheel decals stickers vinyl azul
Standard StripesRace StripesSpire StripesStandard with Logo StripesRace with logo Stripes

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