“Water Method”

Video Installation Tutorial to Install Rim Stickers 
“Water Method”

Kit Content.

Every kit included 4 sets, one for each side

All kits are separated by parts and templates, the circular bands are given in the color you want and come to adhere without applicator.

The sidebands in all of the kits are provided in each wheel a template divided into four parts and not in tape, so that the curve is perfectly made to measure the remaining rim is always perfect.
In case of Logo is included, this come with a transfer applicator to facility the installation and come by default in white and red.

Step 1.

Clean rim and divide into 4 parts.

First and foremost is to clean the entire surface of the tire, and once this is done so that the adhesive is perfectly symmetrical rim we divide into 4 equidistant and place a small mark on each of the 4 points, for this we must use for example a bit of tape to mark each part.

Step 2.

We stick first the logo and brand.

We put first the logo with the name of the brand or model they are trying to focus with two of the brands that we have in step 1.

These parts come with an adhesive applicator, taking off this, let the adhesive stick your face into the air. Then stick the applicator with the sticker on the designated and after lobbying to adhere firmly withdraw the applicator carefully so as to maintain the adhesive set.

Step 3.

We stick the circular bands.

Now we start with the sidebands, so that they are symmetrical is important that we place each quadrant starting from the center to the logo.

Step 4.

If you do not want to risk, before we start with step 3 spray the surface where we will stick with water mixed with soap or fairy at 4 or 5 drops in a glass of water. The idea is that a film of water remains on the surface, so that in case of bad peguemos bands and can slide them to slide recolocarlas these and completely stick to the rim.

Step 5.

Once you are seated try to dry the area with great care not to move the stickers and let it dry for a few hours for the water to evaporate and then fit close to 100%.

This trick is valid only for the bands and for carrying logos as applicator would not work.

Note that these images are only indicative that might not match the item you have purchased.

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