Term of Warranty Conditions.

All purchases have a 100% Warranty, thats include everything, for example:

Confusions with items purchased.
If choosing an item by mistake or some of your options may make the return item received and we will send the item no cost choice. (have no concept of postage costs or return, however, if the requested item had a higher amount, the customer must pay the difference).

Shipment delayed.
Delay will be considered when the maximum limits specified are exceeded, these limits vary between domestic and international shipments, these deadlines are published in ads and exceeded once may request a new shipment at no cost whatsoever.

Loss will be considered when the maximum limits specified for regular shipments or registered mail and be declared once exceeded that period or once the order has been declared by the courier company as lost, request a new shipment no cost exceeding whatsoever.

In the case of receiving the package to any damage or deterioration, simply that you contact us and we will do a new shipment at no cost whatsoever.

Installation Damages.
If during the installation of any of our products any incident that results in damage to the item occurs, you can contact us and ask for sending a new item without cost.

Damages Happened in the first month after installation.
During the first month after the purchase may request the shipment of the item in the event that was damaged for any reason, including for example traffic accidents.

In all cases described above will send a new item to replace the original, this shipment will be made ordinarily when the reason for the incidence is your responsibility, in cases where Extravíos, Delays, Damages arising from messaging or mistakes or confusion caused by us new shipment will be made by Urgent Registered Mail, in both cases, postage and derivatives will always be free.

To start the return process or any change must contact us via email

A part of our guarantees, customers are protected by Paypal’s policy and the conditions detailed in the following link.

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